Macau University of Science and Technology Strategic Plan【2021-2025】 


Talent development

Establish a sustainable and excellent talent development plan. Launch a "named professor" program to attract local and international talents, and establish an effective sustainable innovation talent training and incentive mechanism.

Smart low carbon

Low-carbon and environmentally friendly, build a green and smart campus, accelerate the upgrade of information technology infrastructure and information security, continuously improve WeMust, support the university's digital transformation, intelligent upgrade, integration, and innovation, and enhance the campus' comprehensive service guarantee capabilities.

Social cooperation

Establish a complete social communication channel, promptly solicit and implement suggestions and opinions from all walks of life on building a sustainable campus, and establish a good sustainable development partnership with all stakeholders.

Work guide

We considered the four greenhouse gases stipulated in the Kyoto Protocol and referred to ISO 14064-I, IPCC 2006, IPCC 2019, GHG Protocol, and the provincial greenhouse gas inventory compilation guide for M.U.S.T.’s 2021 greenhouse gas emission sources and sinks and greenhouse gases. Emission reduction measures are quantified.