Campus service

01 Venue & Store management

Educational facilities management
Sports Venue management
Third-party business management

02 Procurement & Logistics Services

General procurement of assets

Consumables warehouse management

03 Design & Printing services

Campus signs & bulletin boards

Photocopying and printing services

04 Property management

Asset Inventory
Office management
Furniture & warehouse management
Cabinets Key management

05 Fleet vehicle management

Official car arrangement

06 Decoration & maintenance services

Renovation Services
Property & facilities maintenance

Campus Landscape

A variety of plants/drought-tolerant plants are planted on campus to beautify the environment, provide greenery and fresh air, create a comfortable learning environment, and allow students and staff to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Green Spaces

We aim to continuously optimize our campus with green spaces and provide wide open space for students, faculty, and visitors in order to create a pleasant campus environment.