Sustainable Development Committee

The Sustainable Development Committee is fully dedicated to the development and implementation of campus-wide activities and initiatives that foster the adoption of systems and practices aimed at preserving the climate and environment. With a steadfast focus, the committee strives to design a visionary green and zero-carbon campus, offering impactful solutions to curtail greenhouse gas emissions across critical domains including climate, buildings, energy, and transportation. The ultimate objective is to achieve complete reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to foster robust climate action within the campus. Furthermore, the campus serves as a distinguished living laboratory for pioneering solutions, actively contributing towards the attainment of global sustainable development goals in an innovative and forward-thinking manner.

Liu Chengkun


Dong Yahong

Vice Chairman

Tang Huajun


Zheng Jianyi


Zhang Yang


Zhao Xichen

University Library

Lin Yinling

General Affairs Office

Ma Yibing

Environment Research

Li Zongjin